The Importance Of Raising Women's Pay In America

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Although many people may not realise it, women are paid 78 cents to every dollar a male co-worker will make make. Women started seeing they were penalized with the “motherhood penalty” in the work environment. Females who are working and raising a family should not obtain discrimination upon choosing to raise a family. Men and women should have equal opportunities in the workforce because families are becoming more dependant of females salaries, it would lead to economic growth, and the middle class would receive greater pay. Families are becoming frequently dependant on women's salary as men lose their jobs. As unemployment percentages raise even higher for men in the workforce, women's unemployment rates still seem to be lower than male unemployment rates (americanprogress). Although over time the gap for equal pay has been marked down it has not lead to equality in race and sex. According to the National Women's Law Center, “Lower earnings have a serious impact on the economic…show more content…
Half the workforce in America is made up of women. As we now know women make less than men, but by increasing women's pay in the workforce has many great effects on the economy. The American Post admits, “Because women make less money, tax revenues many of which fund vital community services are lower than they should be” (americanprogress). Unfortunately lower taxes affect schools funding and also funding for the government. Increasing the women's pay would help fund these types of conditions. Lost wages for women are a drag on the economy, reducing consumer demand and costing jobs (demos). If there remains little change in the way America sees how women run the country and how without them America wouldn't be as powerful as we are now, then our country’s Economic path will decline even more than it has. Raising women's pay will not only help her family, but will help major factors in America's

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