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“Do Hard Things” by Alex & Bret Harris is a great novel for college students and all students and teenagers to engage in. This novel establishes the three stages of growing up which are childhood, teenage years (adolescence), and adulthood. But the book focuses on the struggle of adolescence and how to fit in with society and how to shape one’s life the way God would want. It also teaches valuable lessons on how to grow in God, the scripture, and ultimately how to trust in yourself and others. These are just some of the many topics which are covered in the book and are some of the main points of being a teenager in society to this day. The novel starts with two brothers named Alex and Bret who are out to do something amazing, so they decide to start a Christian blog for teenagers all over the world. Starting this blog they hoped to get some followers and maybe touch some people’s lives, but the outcome was much more outstanding. They instantly acquired hundreds upon thousands of followers and started a worldwide Christian based blog for teenagers in today’s society,…show more content…
The one idea that sticks out the most in my mind would definitely be the invisible shackles on our mind. I love the analogy with the elephant and the tiny string, it is so true about how we are and what we are capable of. We have the ability to grow and be so amazing through God and others but we are holding ourselves back by not trying and not doing hard things. We are trapped in the fear of trying something new. The other idea that I really was inspired by Sarah’s story in the novel, about how she got by in school by doing the bare minimum and just doing the work to just get the grade and not really learn. I really like her story because I can relate to it and it is exactly how I was in high school, but I am going to make a change to all of that

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