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Introduction Paragraph: The book what I read is 'HATCHET'. It made a very intense impression. Hatchet is unfamiliar with me. Also, I heard about hatchet first. I just know the mean of it. It is more easier and others. I knew the author of 'HATCHET', Gary Paulsen this time. He is one of the popular author for American teens. I admit that after I read it. I thought how to write a book report. It was my fault. I had to think about what I felt when I read book and what is the main idea of book, why the author wrote it. Brian, same name with you, experienced two types of life. One is similar with the primitive times because he didn't have anything. He just had his hatchet and 20$. The other is life in city. I was very comfortable maybe. Two types…show more content…
The characters of the book also had hurt in mind.- When Brian go to visit his father, the flight fell from virtue and he was left in wide forest. It was very similar with just nature. He return to nature life in past with his hatchet. He had only hatchet but it helped him very much. He lived in city but return to nature. It was very very big change in his life. I think he was very hard to adapt in new life style. He managed like a household. Mud hut, fire, some berries was prepared by his a lot of effort. It was really enormous thing. He tried to make a fire with his 20$, but money didn't gave him any effect. I noticed money isn't really important. We can't do everything with only money. I was just a result of the effort in city life. Brian's household was powndizzled by huricane and big dear. It was the trials and tribulations of his wild life but he overcame. Further, he found transmitter in the fell flight. He escape the forest by rescue team. It was thrilled time. In my thought, he may missed the wild life because the wild life taught him a lot of things and he learned that and it made the young, tender boy to nice brave

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