Sharp Objects Book Report

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Violence, past, present filling each page, each chapter as getting deeper into the book. The main character Camille Preaker is for the third-rate Chicago newspaper. She's witty, self-aware, and buoyant. using booze, sex and scissors to get thru the day. Camille returns to her hometown to report on a human-interest story. As she investigate the death of the two teenage girl she finds herself unraveling the psychological puzzle of her own past to get the story. Shortly later Camille finds herself caught in a further web of violence. Nine year old Ann Nash, whose body was found, strangled with a laundry line, with all but one of her teeth yanked out. Throughout the book Sharp Objects you began to see psychotic depression has an effect on the…show more content…
I woke up that morning, hot and bored, worried about the hours ahead. How do you keep safe when your whole day is as wide and empty as the sky? Anything could happen. I remember feeling that word, heavy and slightly sticky across my pubic bone. My mother's steak knife. Cutting like a child along red imaginary lines. Cleaning myself. Digging in deeper. Cleaning myself. Pouring bleach over the knife and sneaking through the kitchen to return it. Wicked. Relief. The rest of the day, I spent ministering to my wound. Dig into the curves of W with an alcohol-soaked Q-tip. Pet my cheek until the sting went away. Lotion. Bandage. Repeat.” Depression is a big theme in the book i have chosen. Camille started going through depression when her sister Marian died. Depression is also an effect to other characters as well, such as her mother. Her mother is depressed about the two young girls that have been murdered. Her mother doesn't believe that Camille should be reporting the murders that it's hard enough as it is. Thought Camille’s report for her story she begins to find herself identifying with the young victims a bit too strongly, unraveling clues that lead to dead ends it forces Camille to unravel the past to get at the
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