Diversity In My Family

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Individuals may define their own families in many different ways. I would describe my family as being blended. My brother and I have different fathers, but we are still family. This aspect is important in my concept of family because even if I do not talk to all of my family members every day, I still have this connection where they will support any decision that I officially decide on. Family will support the decisions no matter what happens and not turn against one another. On the contrary, there is definitely diversity by having a blended family, especially since they have been a part of a majority of my life. I have watched my family stick there through it all and not leave even when times get rough, and having a blended family has shaped…show more content…
I grew up spending part of my day with each parent separately since my parents never married. However, both of them would unite and be civil to each other when it came to supporting my activities. My peers that I would go went to school with thought my family was together because they were more involved in what I liked to do when I was younger. Growing up, I always thought families were supposed to be traditional, with two parents of the opposite sex, the typical mother and father. As I was growing up, my family was not living together, and only spoke on certain occasions. Not everyone will have a chance to live with both parents in their lives, or even have a specific mother or father to look up to. It was difficult to look or hear my friends talk about their grandparents or any extended family, as I did not have a chance to meet mine since they were…show more content…
If I do not communicate with my family members about important situations right away, they will eventually find out, and it will send mixed signals to anyone in the household. Additionally, communication is essential when planning events with family, because if the family members aren't notified, something can go unexpectedly awry. Family experiences change and manage stress in everyday life, which shapes how a family deals with situations (Galvin,34).I have witnessed where communication has gone chaotic in my family because we would not tell everyone about our plans would get totally

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