Why I Want To Be A Military Force In America's Future

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As a military sister, I have been through more personal tragedy and despair than most normal people. I was forced to watch my brother leave and board a plane in hopes that he would return home soon, not knowing when my final chance to see him would be. I watched his heart ache as he left my family and I, I watched his smile turn to a frown as he walked away from us every time, I heard his cries and I felt his pain and sadness. Every time I began to feel sad and think “why me?”, I remembered the real reason why he joined the military in the first place. He joined the military to fight for our freedom, to give every single person a chance to wake up every day and do as they please. He joined the military to help his family, to help himself, and to help all of the citizens of the United States. The future of America depends on all branches of the military, the government, and the people to unite as one. America has always been more technologically advanced than many other countries. Despite our huge debt problem, lack of leadership, and enormous poverty issue, everyone still wants to come here. Due to our advances in equipment and gear, it results to having a stronger military force. It is only getting…show more content…
These factors will begin when our nation picks a new president to take charge of our country. If our nation picks a bad leader, then we will fall even more apart. If our nation is smart and knows what they are doing then they will chose a strong, smart, hard-working, and dedicated leader. We need someone who will lead us down the correct path and towards greatness. As Donald Trump once said “In the end, you’re measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish”. We need someone who can take a lot of pressure and actually do something with it. No one cares if you have had a rough past, or a rocky present. All they care about is what you will do to help them and make this country a better

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