Discuss The Importance Of Middle Childhood Period

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Middle childhood:- It starts when the child is about 6-8 years old, which is an age of primary school age and ends at the puberty stage and marks the beginning of the adolescence. This is considered to be the stage of developing children mentally and socially. This is a stage where they make new friends and achieve new talents, which helps them to become independent and built their personality. Significance of Middle Childhood:- The middle childhood period has been considered to be developmental period and many theories regarding to this period has been presented by many renowned psychologists Freud, Piaget and most importantly…show more content…
• Teach them to watch out traffic while crossing the road, riding bike and playing outside. • Make sure your child understands water safety, and always supervise her when she’s swimming or playing near water. Teach them about water safety and always supervise them while swimming. • Supervise them during their risky activities like climbing. • Teach them how to ask for help in hard situations. • Keep away the harmful household products like tools, equipments and firearms out of their approach. Healthy Bodies For the healthier bodies of children, parents should follow following measures: • Limit their access to foods and drinks which contain extra sugar, solid fat, and salt. • Child must have a one hour or more of physical activity each day. • Limit their television time, not greater than one to two hours each day of quality. Nutrition Nutrition intake in this period plays an important role: • Serve them child-sized balanced proportion of meals. • Make snacks part of the daily meal plan • Calcium intake like dairy products, almonds, grains etc. • In this age, breakfast and lunch are very important. • Eat healthily and stay away from

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