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I like to think of hospitals as human beehives. Inside of a beehive, a queen bee will lay her eggs. When her eggs hatch, the hive becomes her final resting place, making it a hub of one of earth’s natural processes – the circle of life. Just like a beehive, a hospital is a popular destination for the birthing of newborns and quite often, the final resting place for the sick and elderly. However, the overwhelming environment located inside of a “human beehive" can cause first time visitors to feel utterly intimidated. At the age of ten, I was driven to Scripps Memorial, a hospital located in San Diego, California. It was my first trip to a “human beehive” and the first time I was going to see my dad inside of one. When my mom and I arrived, we headed straight for the front entrance. As I pushed through the giant doors that towered before me, a rush of crisp cool air swarmed around my body and stung my cheeks. Goosebumps coated my arms and legs and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up; however, the honeycomb yellow walls that surrounded the lobby sent a comforting wave of warmth that slightly eased my hypothermia. With my mom occupied by the front desk, I was free to venture out into the unknown. I wandered around and…show more content…
I was waved off, ignored, and rushed to give my dad a kiss goodbye. Unbeknownst to me, that would be the last time I would ever see him. You are given a time to visit and a time to leave and both mine and my dad’s were up. Losing my dad forced me to grow up in a way that most kids don’t have to experience, and although my trip to the beehive went by too fast, I will forever be grateful for what time I was given with my dad and to enjoy my youth. I could have been given less. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to but whatever path in life that we may find ourselves forced to walk down, it’s important to evaluate the situation and to focus solely on the positive

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