The Importance Of Crime

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Crime is a perception that the world interprets grounded on the standards and morals experienced and observed to in that certain society. Consequently, the meaning of crime can differ with each society. The world describe crime as the breach of different rules or regulations for which some leading expert or vigor could eventually propose a sentence. As I was watching the video, crimes are influential, and the justice system have a tendency to emphasis on street crimes, repeatedly overlooking further important crimes like the white-collar, corporate, and state and numerous other crimes. The clipping reflects euthanasia, even though the fact of the situation is to illustration just how the law can be used as an expedient for social modification.…show more content…
When it comes to our society, street offenders are the predictable focus in our societies; so, there is an unfamiliar authenticity of other crimes that are going on in the world today because media does not talk about the issue enough. “Our perceptions are affected especially by the media. The three major networks doubled their crime stories and tripled their coverage of murders. This distortion of reality results, of course, in a general perception that we are in the midst of a crime wave,” (Eitzen, 1995). Misconceptions about lawbreaking made by culture are the doubts about what they can reflect on what is a true crime; so, we as people tend to have faith in in myths when it comes to diverse crimes. The misconception that seem to be very fascinating is how the world has come to have confidence in there is a “link between violent video game play and tendencies toward violent and possibly criminal activities,” (Ward, 2011). There has been a question that people has been asked, how could a child game encourage them to go out and commit a criminal act. People of the world has somehow blamed the children games for some of the crime that have been…show more content…
They also can choose what video they watch and how long they stay up there. I believe this is a misconception because parents can control how much their children play their games. There is a parental advisor on the games, that the parent could use to limit how much their children are on their games. It also, allow the parents to monitor what website their children are going on. This way they will know if their children are going on appropriate websites. With the parents supervising and the experience of permanency of game playing, we as people are intelligent enough to judge how well our children are in the stages of games they play; so, video games deliver a misconception on the effect that crimes have in our communities. If you think about there is no answer on will turn out to be a criminal, however if you look at the hold picture it doesn’t matter whether it is a rapist, murderer, drug, poor or rich it will always be a crime regardless who do

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