Identify The Ethical And Legal Issues In Blood Brothers

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Identify the ethical and legal issues of which Albert needs to be aware of. Albert has been actively involved in corporate espionage with his uncle. He has been using his uncle to obtain information neither of them were authorized to been in possession of, Albert and his uncle could face major legal ramifications for these actions. Albert could also have to face the ramifications of "spinning". Albert's friend Barry has been giving Albert special treatment on the stock floor, placing his orders before other clients. And now Barry is demanding insider information regarding several companies Albert is working with. If Albert gives Barry the information he could face the legal ramifications of insider trading. If Albert doesn't give Barry the…show more content…
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Albert could make and has made. Albert has made some very questionable chooses. His decision to use his uncle to gain access to information about various law offices was a great asset and allowed them to greatly benefit their clients portfolios. Albert even gained several of his uncles friends as clients, many of which has great sums invested. The greatest disadvantage to this decision is that it could be construed as corporate espionage. Albert's next major decision was to use Barry to gain an advantage on the stock floor, Barry put Albert's trade orders ahead of other as a favor. This surely grabbed Albert some favorable returns and surely pleased his clients. However, Barry's action are often frowned upon and Barry is now demanding that Albert give him insider information. Albert could give Barry the information then if all goes well…show more content…
It started from when Albert and Mary were told they needed to look and act the part. Right from the beginning they were pressured into believing that they needed to go beyond the job and affect their personal lives in order to be successful. When the strategy of gaining info from people with the use of alcohol proved fruitful, Albert was convinced that extra effort and unconventional strategies were necessary to thrive as a broker. This pressure was likely that main force that convinced Albert he need to get as many advantages as he could, thus why made questionable decisions such as using his uncle to gain restricted information. Alberts parent were likely another reason he landed himself in his situation. Albert states that his parent were not happy with his marriage but were content with it because his wife had a good job. Once his wife lost her job he likely thought he needed to pull extra income to keep them happy. But Albert likely had a sense of obligation to be successful in order to keeps his parents happy before his wife ever lost her job that drove some of his decisions. The holidays are also an issue for Albert. Not a major issue for Albert, as they don’t seem to influence many of his decisions early on, but they do influence him into making high risk trades that push him farther into the

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