Hispanic American Subculture Research Paper

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The Hispanic American Subculture Subculture from a broader perspective is a set of persons inside a culture that differentiates them out of the superior culture thus, the subculture consist of many similar and unique norms and ethics when emerged with the superior culture. However, the text also gives an illustrative definition of subculture, as a separate symbol based motif and traditions associated with a specific group of people in the same intricate community. Inclusion, subculture originates from many different aspects such as the region ethnicity, the living standard of people, the language as well as the religion of these common people. In addition, a group of people can belong to same nation but create subcultural differences…show more content…
Usually, this ensured moral behavior eliminating the sexual immoral responsibilities in the community, thus, it makes the leadership of the family successful as children were always assimilating ideas and being responsible for their parents. Children are more respectful, responsible as well as knowledgeable, even though, in the present days they do not observe the rule of setting up a family at a younger age. They are more learned compared to ages before the 20th century. Hence, this makes the Hispanic American subculture, to take up 20.07% of the entire population of America nation, thus, made them survive and grow over a longer period and can also be grade as a subculture that gives more credit to the basis and importance of family unit. However, the Hispanic subculture has also gradually become more oriented towards the health issues, which indicates and shows their concern towards education and achieving modern careers…show more content…
For instance, these people being they have the Spanish origin they are much fond of food, in that they usually take meals five times a day to rather than three times. Hence, their indigenous foods such as the fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and also the high-quality rice were the most commonly taken, and they also maintained taking a balanced diet. On another hand, the Hispanic people also haves their main food that includes the cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, and bananas, as well as the peppers. Inclusion, with the balanced diet the population of Hispanic subculture consists of many elders as well as healthy children that occupy the larger percentage of the entire population. While the people of Hispanic keep the rate at which they take the meal in a day, they also try to engage in the agricultural activities such as farming and rearing of livestock. Hence, makes them more advantageous to get other fresh foods such as meat, milk, as well as butters. Therefore, they also like taking different types of meat such as beef and mutton. Further, the Hispanic culture does not allow taking pork as it is against from religious beliefs and morals; they believe that pig is satanic and unclean for human consumption (Ember and

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