Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Based Information System

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1.0 Introduction Information system can be define as an information that interrelated components that collect the information in order to support the decision making in the business transaction and control the information in an organization. In the information system, it also has the component that make it more relevance. It consist of the input, processing, output, and feedback. But in this article, it is about the computer based information system. Input is the activity that collect the raw data. Processing is the transforming information into the useful or relevance output. Now, output is the result after input process and give it in a document or report format. Last is, the feedback is an information that we get from the people that has evaluated our work and it can make a changed to a good result of the organization or a person. But, the overall article will talk about computer based information system (CBIS). 2.0 Computer Based Information System (CBIS) Computer Based Information System (CBIS) consist of…show more content…
It can give the user a lot of advantages and disadvantages during the usage of the telecommunication. It can make the task and the business effectively. For example, using the communication to command the certain subject. It can also include the using the wire cable to connect the telecommunication, the wireless connection are more relevant nowadays because it can give the owner a satisfaction and it is safe from the danger or electric shock. Todays, the telecommunication are been used by the personal people and the organization in order to achieve the business and some of it used it for the social life by using it. It also can be used everywhere and anytime no matter what time or any place because day by day the technology has changed the telecommunication rapidly. The telecommunication also can travel across the
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