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RELIGION Religion in Utopia A number of religions exist in Utopia. They all are similar in that they believe in a single god, but the nature of that god is very different, ranging from a sort of animism, to worship of an ancient hero, to worship of the sun or moon, to belief in a single omnipotent, ineffable god. This last religion, according to Hythloday, is in the process of becoming dominant, though all the religions practice complete tolerance of all the other religions. After Hythloday and his fellows spoke to the Utopians about Christ, a good number converted and began to learn as much as they could. These converts also were treated with the utmost respect by the faithful of other Utopian religions. In fact, the only belief that is not tolerated is atheism, as it is seen as immoral. If someone believes there is no afterlife, according to the Utopians, then that person will act selfishly in search of immediate physical and mental pleasure and not act virtuously in hope of future reward. The different religions…show more content…
It is similar to Utopia. Course, city, management, education system can be different but there is no significant diversity on the…show more content…
Hoh continuous his duty until he will die. The book firstly talk about the city’s structure and location. The city is protected from external problems. There are three executives without Hoh. And their name are Pon, Sin. Mor. Pon deals with war and peace and army, Sir deals with education, careers, clothing and crafts. Sir has assistances who are expert a particular science. In the city of the sun education of science is important. Mor deals with breeding, medicine, agriculture. In The city, there is no institution of family and money. Children are grew up together. They do not know their mother and

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