Bless Me Ultima Magical Realism

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In the 21th century there has been 5 sex strikes in the whole world. A sex strike in Liberia in 2001, in Colombia in 2006 and 2011, in the Philippines in 2011, and in Togo in 2012. Is this out of the ordinary action becoming a normal thing that shows us what our societies have become and how they function? In both A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Garcia Marquez and in Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, a similar concept is expressed- except with magic. Both authors incorporates magical realism in their texts to show the enigmas and paradoxes of reality that reality itself can not express. Marquez and Anaya skilfully utilize border crossing and inharmonious opposites emerged in both similar and distinct ways to express a problem of reality.…show more content…
In a very old man with enormous wings the merging of opposites is presented through the angel and the spider women. The angel represents goodness, purity, and divinity in a deteriorated body form. On the other hand the spider woman symbolizes imperfection,sin, and human flesh receiving a lot of attention as the main act of a traveling circus. These two distinct characters merge through the reactions of the people of the town. The people praise, almost worship, the spider women as a divine figure. This act demonstrates how human flesh is easily attractive to non-holy figures and actions. While the people ignore and mistreat the Angel by putting him in a cage and throwing rocks at him because the divine figure does not live up to their expectations. Inharmonious opposites merging is present in Bless Me Ultima through Tony’s conflicted beliefs of Catholicism, Golden Carp, and Ultima’s magic. Tony always questions his belief on Catholicism as he fears and never receives answers from an angry God. Ultima’s magic symbolizes a creative and unique way of life while to Tony. The Golden Carp represents goodness and rebirth in the eyes of Tony. The three opposites merge in Tony’s thoughts. Everything Tony witnesses or feels conflicts him in what he wants to accept as the truth. In his dreams he witnesses an unforgiving God punish Andrew for going to Rosie’s, but forgives Tenorio despite the fact that he murdered Narciso. He experiences the consequences Ultima’s magic has brought upon her; Her head being cut off and her blood being drunk by the townspeople. He watches the Golden Carp swallow everything and everyone so everything can be brought back into a new and beautiful form. The inharmonious opposites demonstrate Tony’s confliction on what to believe as the truth for his

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