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Strategy Analysis and Choice MYJ office has an ambitious goal of becoming a major supplier of environmentally friendly office supplies and realistically having goals also achieved. We have carved a niche for the company in the line of eco friendly supplies and delivery to right at the customer door step, totally differentiate us form the other office supplies. Our range of products creates a one stop shopping center and the location of the business also makes it more advantageous. We have well trained staff to product after sales service and to assist in the product usage. We have provided this option to establish the magnitude and image of MYJ office and our ability to offer the best with our price well structured to compete with our competitors.…show more content…
That is the institutions, the government, the manufacturing industry and the assorted customers. For the institutions when new semesters reopened we have huge influx. Competition is much more vulnerable in the villages since they have not understood the concept but not much is required in that area since the occupant are all lower income earners. d) Technology. At MYJ Office we have deeply modified our strategies to integrate technology into the business planning process. In today’s fast and rapidly changing business environment, it is necessary that we adapt this strategic process since technology is pervasively important as part of the business function. Technologies are now everywhere in the firm’s value chain. Therefore, managers must be aware of the strategic importance of technology in delivering value and competitive advantage to their companies. Among the awareness are deciding which technologies support the strategic objectives, identifying company’s strengths and weaknesses, establishing technology priorities, and finally deciding strategic…show more content…
http://economictimes.indiatimes.com. These three are: cost leadership, differentiation and focus. The cost leadership strategy advocates gaining competitive advantage due to the lowest cost of production of a product or service. Lowest cost need not mean lowest price. Costs are removed from every link of the value chain- including production, marketing, and wastages and so on. The product could still be priced at competitive parity (same prices as others), but because of the lower cost of production, the company would be able to sustain itself even through lean times and invest more into the business thought the year. For MYJ Office the Lowest cost of the generic strategy will only apply at maturity stage of the product life cycle. This is where the market has reached the peak stage and in order to stay in business ensure the right supplier with quality product but at the lowest cost to ensure sustainability and

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