Difference Between Liberalism And International Relations

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This section aims to clarify the concept of cooperation from the liberal and realist perspectives. These core theories of international relations, including their variants, such as structural realism and neoliberal institutionalism , have different approaches to the concept of cooperation. Each initially considers the possibility for cooperation between states, and then assigns different meanings to states, institutions, and individuals within the frame of cooperation. Before defining the concept of cooperation, it is worthwhile to briefly highlight the basic assumptions of liberal international relations theory. These assumptions include liberal assertions about the main actors and their roles, the balance between the roles of states and civil society, and the impact of states’ behavior on international conflict and cooperation. According to Andrew Moravcsik, liberalism assumes that individuals and privately-formed interest groups are the principal actors in politics. In this viewpoint, non-state actors play a crucial part in the decision-making and implementation mechanisms in international politics. The second assumption of liberalism is that “society…show more content…
More specifically, it does not imply that all parties gain equally at the same time. States are dependent on each other at different levels, such that one may lose while the other wins. In addition, “where there are reciprocal costly effects of transactions, there is interdependence.” In other words, reciprocal cost is a distinguishing feature of interdependence. However, it is nearly impossible to reach an equal share of cost and benefit between the parties. Thus, one party is always more dependent on its partner notwithstanding difficulties to calculate the effects of interdependence, which include a number of interactions between transnational actors. This condition refers to asymmetries in

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