Essay On Masculinity As Homophobia

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For many years, men have achieved many goals in life. They were able to do so, based on the ranks that other men gave them. This system changed man in many ways and affected them both physically and mentally in this world that made them who they are today. “Masculinity as Homophobia” by Michael S. Kimmel, is an article that explains the world of men and their struggles in life proving their manhood to others and their fear of other men who are not manly enough. There are some arguments that the author mentions that talks about how manhood these days are and how to achieve approval of manhood in people's own mind or idea such as judging others, bringing fear into other people's lives, and changing their personality and way of thinking towards life. David Leverenz argues that “ideologies of manhood have functioned primarily in relation to the gaze of male peers and male authority” . This ranking system causes men to act violent against others in order to achieve their ranks and gain their manhood in life; they see these ranks as a ticket to acceptance to high ranking men and as an approval that they deserve to be…show more content…
As a result, low ranking men will turn to racism and sexism to get to their desired reputation as men in life, so that they will be accepted by other high class men in life. Men fear that will be humiliated and be looked down upon by other men, so they take all that hate and pressure in life and take it out on weaklings and powerless victims. Women are usually the powerless victims who are constantly being harassed and abused. Men think that they are in total control and think that what they are doing is great, that it makes it okay to others, but little do they know that a lot of people, including men and women see this as madness or addiction to fuel and find power in this world that would only make them feel secure and save in life, little do they know that it does absolutely nothing to benefit

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