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The song that I chose is called Do You Know Where You’re Going To by Diana Ross. This song was introduced to me by my father ever since I was young. When I was young, I really liked the tune of the song however as I gradually grew older, I began to appreciate and understand the lyrics of the song and what it really meant. This song was released through a movie called Mahogany in which Diana Ross starred in it. According to Wikipedia, this movie and was about a woman who was a fashion designer however, her life was ruined in future. Diana Ross who plays Tracy in the movie wanted to pursue her dreams of being a fashion designer however, there were issues which hindered her from achieving her dreams without any sense of direction. She used to…show more content…
She then met a photographer who wanted to bring her to Rome to model her own designs. She attained success after going to Rome however, her career was ruined. Her career was in ruins due to her personality as she resorted to unethical means and she lost all respect in the fashion industry. As a result, it led to a tragedy in her life. To me, the song was created in this movie to enhance the fact that you cannot be greedy to attain success. Diana Ross in the movie was hungry for success to the extent that she let go of her responsibility of her own career and talent. As a result, it is shown in the movie and song that she regretted her actions and it was too late. In the movie, she is a round character as she changes slowly when fame gets into her head. In relation to the song, she is stuck in a dilemma as she had to make a decision between choosing her lifestyle and going back to where she used to be. The lyrics ‘Do you know where you’re going to?’ and ‘Now looking back at all we planned, We let so many dreams just slip through our hands’ has the most impact on me as it implies the message of feeling lost and the sense of regret in life. Moving on, ‘When you look behind you there's no open door.’ The door in this scenario is being associated with a door representing her dreams which she could not achieve

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