1950's Popular Music

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Pop music short for popular music is the term given to today's most favored music by the public. The genre itself isn't based around a certain style, pop songs often change in style varying from Urban dance music down to Latin and Country. I'm going to be looking at the way pop music has changed and evolved from the 1950's to the present time. During the 1950's pop music was very heavily dominated by Rock n Roll, including artists like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Rock n Roll is primarily a combination of African American genres including Jazz, Gospel Music and Blues along with Western Swing and Country music. Originally when rock and roll first started in the late 40's the main instruments used were piano and saxophone, this…show more content…
In comparison the melody and beat are roughly the same, the only big difference is the fact that the piano and saxophone are replaced with guitar and bass, giving rock and roll a whole new sound. Aside from being just a musical genre Rock and Roll had a massive influence on language, attitudes, fashion and many other things to do with society. A few of the most popular songs at the time include 'Johnny B.Goode' by Chuck Berry, 'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley and 'What'd I Say' by Ray Charles. After listening to these three songs I noticed that Ray Charles sound was slightly different to the other two and the reason for this is because although they all follow the 'Twelve- Bar Blues' structure, Ray charles incorporated gospel elements into his composition. This to me is a prime example as to why music evolves so quickly, because people like Charles often try to think of ways to make there music stand out by using different…show more content…
Artist like Blondie, Van Halen, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince were all in the charts, sometimes all at once. Personally I feel that some of the most memorable songs from this time include ' Thriller', 'I Want To Break Free' and 'Fast Car'. Production wise there is no certain song structure which each song follows unlike in the 50's/ 60's. Because pop music had grown and developed into so many genres at this time it really is no surprise that the pop chart was a little diverse in style. There were funky songs from Prince and Michael Jackson often about love but both artists could also deliver important messages for instance Prince had a song in the late 80's called 'Pop Life' which was all about addressing the dangers of drugs. On the other hand there was a rock side to the pop charts including songs from Van Halen and Queen who where the first band to use giant lights on stage, not only that I personally feel that Queen kicked off the whole idea of making music videos and making them pretty much compulsory which nowadays is the key to have a successful

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