Song Analysis: Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart

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Every day people around the world listen to different types of music. Most people who listen to music tend to gravitate and listen to a particular genre of music. However, most music listeners usually like one song that falls outside of their normal taste. The song worst song I ever loved would be “Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” a country song recorded by Randy Travis and written by my grandfather Hugh Prestwood. When I am trying to decide whether a song is good I look for three different things. A good song to me is a song that has a good beat, has a nice lyrical flow, and it does not leave an unpleasant effect on me. The most important part of a song to me is the beat of the song. The beat to a song is what keep me interested more than…show more content…
Country music is on the other spectrum of music compared to alternative rap. Country music typically includes the use of an acoustic guitar and the lyrics are often sung slower. Alternative rap hardly ever features acoustic guitars and the beats of the songs are more electronic sounding. Even though it falls outside of my musical taste, I still like it because of my personal connection to that song. The only reason I love this song is because my grandfather wrote the song. If he had not written this song I probably would not have heard of it. I have listened to this song since I was little, so it also has a positive effect on me because it reminds me of my childhood. The only reason I would consider it bad music is because it is not my style, because I do not really enjoy country…show more content…
The simplest way to define taste is to say taste is someone’s judgment or a preference. When someone says pop music is more of their taste, it’s like them saying pop music is their preference. Over time many peoples taste of music changes. When I was little I used to enjoy country music. As I got older and began to listen to music on my own changed. I listened to country music less and less. Peoples taste in music is often influenced by the area they grew up in, their family, and the friends they hang out with. In the modern time technology also influence our musical taste. When we meet new people often time we ask them what kind of music they listen to. Starting relationships with new people also influences are musical taste because they can introduce us to a new music genre. New technology today also influences the type of music we listen to by providing more access to a lot more songs. Today there are radio stations for all types of genres and people can also listen to different genres of music from their smart phones. Events in people lives also influence their taste. People might avoid a particular song because it might remind them of a traumatic event. Some people might not like a particular song but listen to it anyways because it reminds them of pleasant time. When it comes to influences there are many today in the world that can change a person’s musical

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