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“Designer babies or inheritable genetic modification refers to babies that are genetically engineered in the womb in order for them to have certain desired qualities” (Molly Edmonds, 2009). In-vitro fertilization is the process through which designer babies are made. This is where the embryo is removed from the woman and then is manipulated in a lab and made to have certain desired qualities, and then put back into the womb to fully develop. As there are increases in biotechnology, there are also more people that fight against these advancements. Biotech advancements not only permit doctors and parents to screen embryos for genetic disorders, but also let them select healthy embryos. The most prominent area of biotechnology is genetic engineering.…show more content…
Thomas H. Murray, an American bioethicist, argues that the American society hasn’t entirely thought about the ethical implication for the future of baby making. He says that, “People also need to think about what parents and doctors will do with the technology”. He also addresses a very important question stating what use would people make of this technology; and whether there should be limitations. Many people see genetic altering as morally wrong because they view it as not accepting your child the way it was. Whereas others see it as a way to create children without them having incurable…show more content…
Designing a baby costs money, and will most likely continue to cost lots of money. Therefore, not everyone will be able to design his or her own baby. This will result with people encountering prejudice for inferior genetic make-up. In my opinion, creating a designer baby is unethical because it goes against the laws of nature. Even though scientists claim that the reason for this urge to manipulate the genes of embryos is mainly for health purposes, some people might take it to the next level. Instead, people would take advantage of this and want to create their own stereotypical- blue eyed, blonde hair baby. Therefore, in order for this issue to surpass and become legal, there will have to be some rules stating the limitations. If there is not line stating what is acceptable and what isn’t, this could become a big concern. People should be cautious of the potential downfalls of overusing this technology, as it could have an exceptionally harmful effect on the world’s population. Genetically modifying babies could potentially be a very rational idea, however, alike all other technology, it cannot be abused without extensive

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