The Jurors In Twelve Angry Men

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The jurors in the movie, Twelve angry men, come from varied backgrounds, age groups, have different life experiences and have their set of beliefs and values. As the group functions, each in the group develops his own unique set of characteristics which includes structure, cohesiveness, roles, standards and process. There were certain norms that featured in the movie like the seating arrangement, the voting process and also how the interaction should take place by taking turns to express the respective opinions. At the beginning itself, eleven jurors vote in the favour of convicting the boy without having any further discussions on the case and the evidences presented at the trial. This shows an ineffective and unethical approach towards decision-making as these jurors had put a unanimous agreement ahead of a reasoned problem-solving…show more content…
Firstly, Juror 8 who acted as the initiator by being the only one voting for the favour of the accused and proposed for further discussion before giving a verdict. Throughout the discussion, he thought critically be giving and seeking different information and speculations from other jurors. He also possessed the skills of a natural leader. Secondly, two of the jurors were self –centred and focused on what they believed and what they want. Juror no.3 who had an aggressive nature kept dominating his opinions on others and refused to think from a different perspective by keeping his mind blocked. Juror no.7 gave unnecessary commentary that led to distraction in the group and made a decision that could shut the case as early as possible as he was in a hurry for his baseball game. And lastly, Juror no.1 attempts to impose order in his capacity as Foreman, who fails to understand the complexity of the task before him. Throughout the proceedings, he tries to keep the deliberation formal and gets easily frustrated and sensitive when questioned about this

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