Designer Babies Research Paper

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Many people have their own opinions on redesigning a baby to have way different features then the baby was supposed to be born with. Some people are for designing their children and many people are against it. I feel like designer babies are totally fine, that is the parents choices no ones elses but themselves. They have the choice to give their baby blue eyes or blonde hair and I agree with this decision. Honestly as long as there choices make them happy for the baby’s birth that’s all that counts. I can understand why other people would want to design their babies. Either the parent wants to have her child to have beautiful colored eyes or the parent knows that the baby could have birth defects and she is trying to prevent that as best…show more content…
Many people can back up their reasons with many scientifically proven results and i feel that many people just like to be negative when it comes to this subject. I am for designer babies one hundred percent i am for it, if i could change the fact that my child could be born with a possible disorder then of course i would go out of my way to get that fixed for my child way ahead of time. In my opinion it's the correct thing to do. I might sound like a negative person but if i knew that my child could be born with something then i would fix it for them, i would fix it for them because i would want the best for my child. I could be selfish and only want the alteration for blue eyes then that would be my choice but no one should be mad about my choice at all because it was my choice and if it was a poor choice then it would reflect poorly towards me. also if altering an embryo was so bad like some claim it is then their wouldn't be such a thing or their would be laws passed that we shouldn't be aloud to follow through with the choice. If it's not a bad choice then i feel like anyone should be able to do it! I don't agree with the high prices that are charged but if it was a needy situation then i would agree with it all the way! I have a cousin that was born blind and deaf and they told my family that he had five years to live thank god he's lived for 8 years but if only we had the money to follow along

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