Pros And Cons Of World's First Lab

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World’s First Lab-Grown Beef Burger The Grown Beef Was Made From Stem Cells In A Dutch Lab . The Volunteers Tasted The Grown Beef Through An Test Tube. The Sizes They’re Using The Cow Stem Cells To Grow Muscles. Are The Size Of A Rice . As they Mushed The Small Grains Of Beef Together The Beef Created Proteins. The Project Needed About 6 Years Of Research. They Couldn’t Get The Beef To Get Juicy . According To My Research The Beef was White And Had Very Little Flavor. They Had To Add “ Beef Juice And Saffron” To Make It More Realistic Of Color . Researchers Also Said That They Added Egg POwder To Improve Its Taste. The Pros And Cons Are That The Beef Burgers Are Made In The Labs More And More For Example Americans eat an average

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