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Munchkin My mom and dad both grew up on large dairy and hog farms. Dad took over Grandpa's farm as time went on but due to financial reasons grandpa sold all the dairy cows and dad replaced them with beef cows. Mom always helped her dad with the milking and other chores around the farm. Each of my grandparents have been farmers so clearly its in my blood. Each of us kids have always had our responsibilities to do around the farm. Each spring at calving time the days spent doing work on the farm got much longer because there were new calves that needed vaccinated and checked on. Calving season is my favorite time of year but can also be very upsetting if the cows have trouble giving birth. The day the calf Munchkin was born in early mid February was not only a joyous time but also upsetting. On a cold, rainy night in mid February my dad came rushing through the back door of the house. Dad had been out checking the cows because he knew we had some that would soon be ready to give birth. Since we had quite a few first time mothers this year it made calving time much more stressful on Dad. Dad always worried one of the…show more content…
Yes, I know to someone not related to agriculture this seems completely unsanitary, but it was cleaned very well. When he began to get more adventurous and thought it would be neat to explore the rest of the house Mom decided it was time for him to move out. After Munchkin was a couple weeks old he was strong enough to be able to go to the barn. His new home became a section of the barn cornered off with panels and a straw bed to lay on. I am confident that this was quite a drastic change from being kept in the house, but he still got his bottles 3 times a day. As time went on we grew more attached to the calf and once it was plain to see that the calf was going to pull through it was time to decide on a name. After many supper time debates we finally all agreed on

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