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“Cook with a Dick” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was born September 15, 1977 in Nigeria. She has had a celebrated career as a writer, winning numerous literary awards. Adichie got a degree in Communications and Political Science from Eastern University in 2001. After attending John Hopkins University, she graduated with a master’s in Creative Writing in 2003. And, in 2008, Adichie received a Master of Arts in African Studies from Yale University. Shortly after this, she received a MacArthur Fellowship award. The short story of the “Bird Song” was an amazing, funny, and dramatic love story. At the beginning of the story she explains us that she is in a glare of the hot afternoon surrounded by motorcycles and hawkers where a stranger woman was looking…show more content…
The fight was about his driver not greeting and ignore her that whole time. Things got carry away and that is when he said that she was a feisty like the other woman he dated before so she responded “What?” He screams at her and told her to leave the house. Five days later, the lover called her to tell her “There are two pigeons on the flame tree. I would like you to see them” and she said to him “You are acting as if nothing happen” and he said “I called you” As through the call itself were an apology the he told her “If she had cry instead of defending herself that he would behave it better” Later in the story happens again with a waiter in a restaurant that did not greet her that is when he bought her a car, practically telling her to shut up and not speak up. He invited her to go to dinner before him when on a trip with his family in America. Once they were in the restaurant he when to the bathroom that is when she decided to grab his phone and check all his messages. She found the same tricks and words on the text messages that he used on their relationship like the “CwithaD” joke. Then he came back and that’s when everything stared to become awkward between them. I just felt that he never love her enough. He just wasn’t enough honest with her. Always putting her emotions…show more content…
The narrator constantly switches between flashbacks and the present as she sits in traffic beside a woman who resembles her ex-lover’s wife. The woman is not confirmed as the wife, however, the story ends with her smiling and heading towards the bridge. I sense that the bridge is a hint as to the identity of the woman, yet I cannot find a prior reference to the bridge. . At the end of the affair, the narrator is more self-confident and has a more feminist approach to relationships. I believe that the story is a great example of what woman goes through each and every single day. The narrator tried to make a movement about not been equal to each other. Is not about who is better woman or men, is about supporting each other and tried to survive in this cruel world to make a living and be happy so everyone should respect each and everyone’s work. Every human is capable of doing everything they

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