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A supply chain is defined as each organisation is engaged to deliver goods and services to a set of chosen customers . A supply chain is a structure consisting facilities , functions and activities that involve the processing of delivery services or production of services . Suppliers have to deliver the final goods to customers . Function and activities perform by supply chain are forecasting , purchasing , production , distribution method , delivery within time , effective customer services , proper management of inventory , information management , maintain quality assurance and so on . As far concerning the above case study the seven companies have various vendors and mostly same vendors with different pricing structure . The organisation…show more content…
The complexity of supply chains , they should be more active by predicting any uncertainties might arise like inaccurate forecast , late deliveries , changed of order or cancellation of orders , breakdown machine or tools , and substandard quality . The needs to manage inventories , effective management of inventories is important both during shortages of inventory or excess of inventory which might arise an unnecessary cost . Outsourcing Outsourcing has helped major businesses by reducing costs and allows businesses to concentrate on their core business , gaining competitive advantage over competitors and might reduce the costs to avoid wholesale layouts . Outsourcing will continue toward the trend in operating efficiency through specialization and contracting firm may provide necessary resources in complete the activities like technology requirement , auditing work , legal function , logistic and product assembly . Incoming and Outcoming Shipments . As the company have 34000 vendors , shipment both incoming and outgoing goods should handle by the traffic management…show more content…
Moreover the external factors to take into consideration which can delay the shipping , thus computer tracking of shipment is extremely important and help to maintain the current status of shipments by providing updated information about the costs and schedules . Distribution requirement planning , through this system will help for proper inventory management and distribution planning , the effect use of management of distribution requirement planning will plan and coordinate the activities such as transportation , warehousing , workers , equipment , and financial flows . Creating an effective supply chain requires the market should link with the distribution channels , processing and suppliers . The supply chain is design to link all participants to achieve an incentive to cooperate such as share forecast , determine the status of the order and time for delivery and access inventory data of partners . Moreover the trust is important among trading partners should share common objectives and take proper action for a successful planning and beneficial for the organisation as a whole

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