The Pros And Dangers Of The Lorax

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Many a book contains an idea that can be perceived as controversial. Often, the mere mention of a slightly sensitive topic will pull the books from the shelves of libraries around the world, especially when these books may be accessed by children. Censoring books from children is not the proper way to go about this. Rather, using the books to teach young readers about the topic should be employed. Environmentalism is often a touchy subject because some say it will hinder the growth of a nation because of lack of the ability to use resources. The Lorax, a book by the ever so popular children’s author Dr. Seuss, was banned when it was first released for containing environmentalist points of view that older readers saw as damaging to the logging industry. The book features a man named the Once-ler chopping down truffula trees to make a thneed. At first, the Once-ler does no harm. However, his actions eventually lead to the whole forest of truffula trees being cut down. There emerges the Lorax, a strange yellow creature who speaks for the trees. He warns the Once-ler of the damage he may do, but does not take any physical actions. The Lorax simply shows his right to have an opinion and then leaves the Once-ler alone. This leads to…show more content…
With so many media sources available in the modern world, children are exposed to controversial topic after controversial topic. Even children’s cartoons have begun to address similar topics to those that have been banned. Shows such as The Magic School Bus and It’s A Big Wild World address environmentalism in some episodes if not all of them. It’s A Big Wide World’s whole premise is to teach children to protect wildlife and forests, specifically the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest. If these children shows can be aired and not banned, there is no reason for a book with the same basis to be

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