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A Definition of Power We would never be able to define power without taking a look at it evolution, the ability to make things happen. According to the Webster's New World College Dictionary, power is the ability to do, act, or produce. I believe the power to control our personal environment is somewhat, at our hand. During last few decades, we have learned to travel by car, to fly, explore space and land on the moon. We communicate with each other within seconds all around the planet by sound and sight, have learned to harness the power of the atom and are attempting to control the power of the sun itself. Computers help us to store and retrieve the increasing flood of data, enable us to carry out intricate calculations in the twinkling…show more content…
Power without authority is vain and any action on the part of power without authority is useless, because only real power is that of authority. For example, I am an educator and a writer but I cannot write a parking ticket and give it to the taxi driver who makes an illegal stop in from of me, to pick up a client, my action would be invalid in a court of law and even illegal. But a policeman while drunk and wearing a uniform can stop and give me a ticket, just because I am reaching for the cell phone to answer a…show more content…
Then because I am a very educated man, the taxi driver who stops in front of me by a sign that says NO STOP, NO STAND, I would be able to make the right stop and give him a ticket; it's obvious that authority is different from power. The difference between power and authority highlights the difficulties with considering gender in the contexts of church and family simultaneously. It was, of course, one of the great achievements of the restoration to integrate family structure into, precisely, ecclesiastical structure, but it’s always been an uneasy fit: the ecclesiasticus, with its formal system, reproduces itself primarily through the transmission of authority; the family, with its organic fluidity, reproduces itself primarily through the exercise of

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