The Importance Of Travel And Leisure

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How much, on average, do you think Americans spend on travel and leisure activities? Well, according to the U.S. Travel Association “the U.S. averaged $2.7 billion a day, $113.1 million an hour, $1.9 million a minute and $31,400 a second” (U.S. Travel Association). It is no wonder then that Travel and Leisure digital magazine is so popular. But how exactly do they make people spend so much of their hard-earned money on travel? Travel and Leisure is able to capture the attention of thousands of travel enthusiast by including vibrant visuals, interactive components, and informative cultural immersion. Travel and Leisure portrays the idea of readers interacting through their World’s Best installments, while also giving them a sense of credibility.…show more content…
This is most apparent in the World’s Top 10 section of places to visit. Looking at the ‘The World’s Top 10 Islands’, right away the subheading explains “destinations [are] both remote and near…” (Anscher-Walsh). This implies that whether you have a small budget or a hefty amount to spend on your trip you are bound to find an island to fit into your budget. Additionally, you will be able to find an island to match your willingness for international or domestic travel. Secondly, Travel and Leisure takes into account how different people like to spend their vacations “whether you crave culture, adventure, or simply kicking back on a beach with a cocktail…” (Anscher-Walsh). This fact is represented by the pictures, as some are of architectural dwellings, animals, loungers on the beach, spear fishing boat, etc. As previously stated the article is pretty short only giving two to three sentences on what you can do on each island below the pictures. They only provide a brief amount of information about the islands in each caption as everyone as differing preferences. If the reader does feel compelled to further explore an island they can search for it in a specific search bar titled, “Where do you want to go?”. Additionally, at the end of the article they have pictures of each island. Each picture is vibrant with many bold, bright colors. These colors…show more content…
Travel and Leisure understands this crucial step and creates all of its content around this idea. They knowingly us various techniques such as vibrant visuals, interactive components, and informative cultural immersion to capture their audience. By implementing these techniques Travel and Leisure can ensure they continuously impel and bring back cultural and travel enthusiasts. However, Travel and Leisure is not alone when it comes to appealing to target audiences. Thousands upon thousands of people do it every day, whether it be celebrities posting on Instagram, public figures writing blogs, singers making music, or a teenager explain to their parents hoe they got in a car crash. This phenomenon is never ending and crucial in order to get a point across in the most effective and beneficial way for

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