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The word "culture" is an intricate and overused word. Some people use culture when describing their nationality, ethnic group, tradition, or a piece of art. There are both broad and narrow definitions of culture. A narrow definition of culture is the values, beliefs and practices of a group of people, shared through symbols and passed down from generation to generation. This definition focuses on how culture molds someone. An individual's entire worldview is based on their culture, or the subcultures that they identify with. In my life, the three most important cultural groups that I identify with are African Americans, student athletes, and Christians. Each of these very different cultural groups has a huge part of shaping who I am. One cultural group I identify in is being African American. A few reasons why I identify with the African…show more content…
As a Christian all of my actions are influenced by my Christianity. For instance, on Sundays I go to church, other individuals who are not Christians may sleep in or watch football all day. Another example would be holding my tongue when someone makes me angry. Even though they might have offended me, I should try not to respond in an angry way and resolve the situation. Honestly, it is easier said than done, but I do try and treat everyone around me as I would treat myself. As a Christian I am mindful of what I say and what I do, because I want to represent my Christian culture to the best of my ability. The key thing that brings individuals together in this culture is that we all have the same beliefs. This is a good example of using the word "culture" in a broad way. Any of the important or meaningful ways in which we identify ourselves can also be culture. Culture is not just defined by race or nationality. Our race, nationalities may be different, but we come together to share with each other about our faith and struggles we encounter in our relationship with

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