Personal Essay: The Death Of Mike Antonucci

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Everyone at one time or another is wrong about someone or something. Being wrong is just a part of life. For me, one of my most memorable memories of being completely wrong about someone came in middle school with now one of my best friends Mike Antonucci. In middle school I thought Mike was a “loser” and was someone I couldn’t ever imagine myself hanging out with. He called himself bike trick mike and I just thought he was a nobody and I never really gave him a chance to show who he really was. It wasn’t just me who thought this way about Mike, it was practically the whole school. Mike really didn’t really have any friends, he tried hard to make friends but his reputation was his reputation and there was nothing for him to do about it at this…show more content…
At this point I had started to hangout with my friends from middle school again and Mike was in our friend group. At first I was kind of annoyed, given the fact that I had only known the annoying bike trick mike kid. That night I saw a different Mike, he was not trying to fit in anymore, and he was just fitting in naturally. That night I saw a person who was comfortable in his own skin, I was amazed. From that point on, Mike has become one of my best friends and someone that is always there for me. In the book that we are reading right now called Meeting The Living God by William J. O’Malley, SJ, some of factors in this book contributed directly to my error. I was completely prejudiced toward Mike, I saw him as a nobody that I could never associate myself with. In a way I read a book by its cover and that book was mike and the cover was his reputation. As a kid, I never did anything extraordinary; I just went with the crowd. That is what the definition of herd-need is, and I fell into the same trap with judging Mike. When people were making fun of him instead of doing something about it, I just ignored it for fear of the cost, what people would think of me if I did stand up for

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