Who Is Malcolm Gladwell's 'Listening To Khakis'?

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Malcolm Gladwell, who is a Canadian journalist, is known for bestseller author and speaker. For almost two decades, Gladwell has worked with The New Yorker, which is where “Listening to Khakis” was published in. With his expertise in writing, he has developed such a piece that has shown to have many research into the fashion line. In “Listening to Khakis”, Malcolm Gladwell analyzes how such simple pants like khakis can define a man's perspective upon fashion and impact on life. Men are not that concern about fashion as much as women. Unlike females who tend to examine every piece of clothes on another female, males tend to keep it simple. The Dockers advertisement was able to grasp the man’s attention to how simple their message was. Since both genders have different ways of processing information, it was seen that men enjoy things to be straightforward.…show more content…
In other words, stuff like many pockets, chains on the pants, different designs was not what men look forward in fashion. The khakis were a symbol of how elementary their style was. For such a pair of pants, it could be worn for many events which males found quite useful. Aside from fashion, the khakis played a role in a man’s life. These pants seem to bring the male species closer together. During the ads of Dockers, Gladwell illustrated how the purpose of commercial was to “conjure up a place where men could put on one-hundred-cent-cotton khakis and reconnect with one another” (160). This gave them a social life that is very difficult for men to have with others. When men have something in common, they seem to connect well and with the pants, it became a tool for them to use in order to establish a relationship. Gladwell showed how the pants were an assistant to a man’s life by benefiting them with bonding abilities with other

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