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In the lush terrains of Central America, three almighty empires dominated the land. Archaeologists have always pondered on what crucial factors led to their success. Compared to other civilizations of their era, they were many centuries ahead of them. The way the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas established themselves, prospered, and declined were the decisive points that made them advanced for their time. In the article “Mayan Civilization”, “The Maya first settled in the region as early as 1500 BC, growing maize and living in small agricultural communities.” Farming played a pivotal to the establishment of the Mayan society. As the Mayans had a surplus amount of food, their population expanded also. With the more people, they erected colossal…show more content…
As stated by Jose Maldonada,” Aztec society was strictly hierarchical, ruled over by a godlike emperor. The emperor implemented strict religious rituals that included sacrifice. Similarly, Aztecs had advance techniques for growing crops in plots of lands called chinampas, where they grew maize and other crops. Unfortunately, being centered toward an all-powerful ruler, Hernan Cortez took their emperor as hostage and with ease, crushed the Aztec empire. According to Akbar Patel, “Successive generations of Incan rulers worked to expand Incan territory through war and conquest.” The triumph of territory had stretched their empire more than 2,000 miles. In the broad region, lived millions of people who all lived under and hierarchical society with their emperor at the top of the pyramid and commoner at the bottom. Alike the other empires, the Incas prospered in agriculture too, growing potatoes. They also had deft craftsmen and engineers who conceived of many complex objects. Similar to the Aztecs, the decline of their society was over power. Francisco Pizarro wiped out the Incas while two brothers were fighting over the emperor’s

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