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The evolution of women’s role in the family, workplace, and society between the years of 1815-1860 had changed from been seen as Republican-Motherhood to strong independent women who fight for their rights. Women were considered to be weak and not good enough to be involved in the political world. Their place was to be at home taking care of the children, cooking, and cleaning. Therefore, women started fighting for their rights.They wanted to be considered and treated with equal rights as the men were.The market revolution and the Second Great Awakening helped the women’s role progress to what women have in today's society. In Document A, Mrs.M, who was a very joyful, outgoing, and likes to be out in public, slowly started to change.…show more content…
If a slave woman was ever to get pregnant she would be allow to continue working until she gave birth. From that moment on, what happens after the delivery is an awful nightmare that no mother would want to live. In Document B, the source “Selling a Mother from Her Child” is a clear representation of what would happened after delivery. The child would get ripped off his/her mother’s arm and while the owners keep the baby, they are selling the mother to another white owner. These mothers have to live with the fear of their child getting mistreated or possibly getting sold down the river or on a worse occasion, getting killed. In the caption of the picture we see two people talking to each other. It sounds to be two white men who are in the middle of an interview. One guy, who we'll call Mr.B, ask the other guy, who we’ll call Mr.K, “Do you often buy the wife without the husband?” Mr.K answers with a clear statement of “Yes, very often: and frequently, too, they sell me the mother while they keep her children. I have often known them take away the infant from its mother’s breast and keep it, while they sold her.” The kid would stay behind and/or be sold to another white family to be a slave in the fields. Even though slave women don’t have rights, getting their childs taken way is very harsh and brutal. In comparison to Document G, we see a happy white mother with her 2 little

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