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Joshua Dhaliwal Mrs. Jacobs Global Studies 31 March 2015 Causes and Consequences of Indentured Laborers Indentured labor became very big in the 18th to 19th century which had affected the economy in many different ways. Indentured labor was a consequence of slavery being abolished in 1833. Settlers had lost a lot of money with the abolishment of slavery and had to look for a new source of work which caused the revival of indentured labor. Settlers offered a free ride to the country as a scheme for people in countries such as India, China and Japan to believe that life in a new country would be wonderful.. However, indentured labor was the new big labor force that was arguably as cruel as slavery (Document 7) it allowed settlers to meet the demands for labor.…show more content…
This document allows us to see the need for the vast amounts of workers, so that they could fulfill the demands. I believe however that the author of this editorial was for indentured labor as he was British and the British had been the harshest to most countries such as India which is why people left to look for work. This bias is also seen in Document 1 when Herman Merivaale describes the indentured servants as no "voluntary immigrants nor slaves" but is almost honoring them by comparing their service as one of the military. He does not speak about the horrible conditions but says that the people chose to take that

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