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The colonist had no other option but to take action for their voices to be acknowledged so there could be equality in society and have a democratic society. Americans fought for independence from Britain as its parliament was imposing taxes and Americans claimed it was unconstitutional this produced boycotts and the destruction of a shipment of tea. After the Seven Years’ War, Britain was in debt and they thought the American colonies should be the ones paying for the soldiers to be stationed. Parliament passed the Stamp Act on November 1 Americans believed that no taxes can be established on them because of their "Rights as Englishmen.” (New York merchants abided by the Stamp Act, therefore, the Sons of Liberty took actions against them by…show more content…
They nominated a committee as the troubles in America arise, the mobility grows to the gentry and there is no way to stop them. “The spirit of the English constitution has yet a little influence left, and but a little.” (72) The gentry fear that the people will be appointed to the committee and they will lose their confidence and dishonesty will increase if these debates continue with Great Britain. “We shall be under the worst of all possible dominions; we shall be under the domination of a riotous mob.” (72) Colonist replaced its government from the imperial government of Britain. A county in North Carolina passed a plan to replace imperial rule, the constitution will be suspended. “As all former laws are now suspended in this Province and the Congress have not yet provided others we judge it necessary for the better preservation of good order, to form certain rules and regulations for the internal government of this county until laws shall be provided for us by the Congress.” (73) There will be nine companies, a colonel, and military officers to exercise power. For the peace and administration of justice, each company will choose two freeholders and they will determine all controversy arising. Those two freeholders choose two constables who can help them in their office if there is a complaint direct a warrant to the constable. These were the changes made for the new democratic society the colonist so much

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