Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel

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People all over the world get married. Some marriages are successful; some are not. All marriages have problems. In the book, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Orczy shows a married couple with many issues (Orczy 57). Like some couples, Marguerite, the wife, despises her husband, Sir Percy, for being indolent, aloof, and oblivious (52). Sir Percy is very indolent (45). According to the New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary, Indolent means disliking exertion, lazy. When Marguerite was insulted, she wanted someone to stand up for her (45). However, Sir Percy was too lazy too do anything and merely laughed at the situation instead (45). When she was outside alone, he did not seem to care about her or her whereabouts (55). He is too indolent to care about anything but his clothes, his hair and his enjoyment (55). Alas, Marguerite is irked by his lack of chivalry (46). Undoubtedly, she feels that her husband would do nothing to help her in a time of need because he would be too…show more content…
Longing for some emotion of some sort, Marguerite wants Percy to show some endearment for her (55). Aloof means, away at a physical or spiritual manner according to the New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary. Early in their marriage, he was quite opposite of aloof (56). He once showed much love towards Marguerite (52). A love so profound that it seemed as if he worshiped her (56). Although, after learning about the denouncing of St. Cyr Marquis, he suddenly became more distant (57). Being unsympathetic, he rarely speaks to her except the usual sarcastic comeback (43,66). Desperately looking for some kind of emotion, she even tries to anger him (57). Although he is frigid, he still is amicably polite(55). Unfortunately, it seems as if he shows more attention to his clothes than to her (56). She had married him because of his passion and admiration towards her (52). Without that, she is miserable, but even more because of his unawareness

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