Bilbo's Quest In Beowulf

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An epic, based on a quest, is a hero or heroic group in pursuit of a goal. The quest takes them far from home, but on the way the hero has to overcome a great challenge. One epic we talked about in class was Beowulf. One of the challenges Beowulf has to overcome is defeating Grendel at Heorot. Just like in Beowulf, Bilbo Baggins also overcomes many challenges on his quest. Although at first, Bilbo doesn’t really seem like the type to be heroic at all. Bilbo is a hobbit and hobbits don’t like adventure. As said by Bilbo, “… We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventure.” Little did he know that he would be a great hero at the end of an epic adventure. Bilbo and the dwarves are on a quest to find the treasure from Smaug. Just like anyone else going on an adventure, Bilbo and his crew face many obstacles. One of the first obstacles they are faced with is…show more content…
After the match with the spiders, the crew sees a light and they run towards it, but it just ends up being the wood elves. The dwarves were brought in and were questioned but they refused to tell their plan to capture the treasure because they didn’t want the elves to ask for a share of it. Since the dwarves refused to tell their plan they were all thrown in the dungeon. Bilbo was a wise hobbit and kept the ring on so he was still invisible. Since no one could see him he helped the dwarves devise a plan to escape the dungeon. The elves exchange goods with the people of Lake town in barrels that are transported on a river that flows under the elves dungeon. Bilbo catches the guard sleeping, so he steals the keys and sets the dwarves free. All the dwarves are put into empty barrels and sent down the river. The doors open and they are sent down the river. With Gandalf being gone, Bilbo has to take matters into his own hands and help free the dwarves. He is very successful because they are now able to move on and capture the

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