Business Ethics Case Study: The Dannon Company

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The Dannon Company The Dannon Company, producers of domestic yogurt, is ready to become the leader in the domestic yogurt sector (Marquis, Shah, Tolleson & Thomason, 2010, p. 1). In order to attain this accomplishment, Dannon has to get to the next level of CSR, which involves a fully integrated corporate social responsibility program. However, The Dannon Company faces some challenges. They have to decide whether communicating their CSR efforts to the consumers benefits the company and what risks will be involved. The Dannon Company also has to consider the impact of communicating externally when it has a corporate parent, Danone. New CSR strategies are going to be the key in overcoming these challenges and helping Dannon become the true leader…show more content…
Danone was founded in Paris in 1929 by Daniel Carasso, which stemmed from his father Isaac Carasso’s creation of yogurt that had some kind of health benefits. The goal of the company was to set itself apart from the other companies, by focusing on health in manufacturing its yogurt. After the death of Isaac Carasso, Daniel expanded the company, merging it with Gervais and Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel to become a large food manufacturer in the world. Danone was known as the manufacturer of “dairy, bottled water, baby nutrition, and medical nutrition” (Marquis, Shah, Tolleson & Thomason, 2010, p. 2). CSR Initiatives The parent company, Danone’s initial communication is through its mission statement, which is “to bring health through food to as many people as possible” (Marquis, Shah, Tolleson & Thomason, 2010, p. 3). As a parent company, Danone’s job is to set the tone for the company through its mission and vision. Antoine Riboud, CEO, communicated his vision on economic performance and social responsibility through its CSR activities. Parent Company…show more content…
To keep with their parent company’s three focus areas of CSR, which are Nutrition and Health, People, and Nature, I recommend that Dannon develop communication strategies that align with these areas. One of the first things that Dannon can do to aid in its CSR communication to consumers is to start by “Emphasizing CSR commitment and its impact to foster consumer advocacy” (The conference board, 2011). This can be done by formalizing its CSR commitment on the local level to its consumers as well as the impacts they expect it to

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