Greek Yogurt In America

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Greek yogurt has become an overnight phenomenon in the US. We see it everywhere in newspapers, articles, and ads on television. Health advisers are telling us it is good for us, and sales in yogurt have sky rocketed thanks to this delicious treat. It is hard to believe that this well-kept Greek Secret didn’t come to the US until 1998. That is when a Greek based company named Fage introduced it in New York City. Fage may have been the first company to bring Greek yogurt to America but, Chobani started the Greek yogurt “boom”. What is Greek yogurt, what started the Greek yogurt craze in the US, and why has it remained so popular? Greek yogurt has been around for centuries, and is a traditional treat used in many recipes in Greek cooking. Greek…show more content…
When Greek yogurt was introduced as a healthier alternative to the already loved snack yogurt, Americans jumped on it. Greek yogurt in low in sugar and high in protein. In recent years more research is being down to figure out what the body needs to stay healthy and protein has a huge benefit in overall health. "’Greek yogurt has two times the protein as compared to regular…show more content…
Many Americans have started to have Greek yogurt for breakfast instead of eggs for its protein value, it’s hard to believe that a dairy product could have more protein in it than eggs, but it does. Protein is essential for the body it doesn’t only improve muscle strength but, it also helps in weight management. A new brand of Greek yogurt was just recently launched and was specifically designed for athletes or people with an active lifestyle. The name of this high-protein Greek yogurt is Powerful yogurt. Powerful yogurt not only has high levels of protein but, it is also all natural, gluten free, kosher, and non-fat. Making this a pretty amazing yogurt. Greek yogurt has become so popular in the US not only because it looks and tastes delicious, but also for all of its many health benefits. Plus you can eat it not only by itself but, it can also be used in cooking, and as a low fat substitute. Greek yogurt is not only being marketed toward adults but, also to pre-teens as well. Pro-force was just recently launched by Yoplait, a General Mills Company, this Greek yogurt is being geared toward the adolescent crowds, and comes in a variety of flavors. Greek yogurt is also appearing in baby foods. Sprout baby, a baby food company has created a Greek yogurt based baby food to promote healthy eating in

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