Peter The Great's Absolute Monarchy

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“Let him build his wooden houses: we will soon come and burn them”. Only an absolute monarch would speak with confidence and no hesitation. In the past, many monarchs in the seventeenth century embraced the nation as it helps justify the way these monarchs would rule their kingdoms. Through out the long history of Russian Monarchy, there have been instances where some monarchs struggled to assert their authority. Where as others have demonstrated their absolute reign. Peter I or also known as Peter the Great was of one of these absolute monarchs. During Peter’s reign an equal and highly notable absolute monarch was King Louis XVI of France. The two Kings (or Tsar for Peter specifically) were in power during the same time. ‘Peter the Great’ was just a given title over time, his birth name…show more content…
He was Tsar Alexis’s 14th child but the first child with his second wife. Peter was only a skipping stone away from seeing the throne except his two older half-brothers stood in the way. During this time, Peter could not care less about his father’s position or his disable brothers fighting for it. Fedor was the eldest of the three and was already pre-appointed to be king in his father’s footsteps. Although he was born with disfigurement and a debailing disease which was later determined to be scurvy, later his disease got the best of him and died in 1682. Peter now had no choice but to lead his people with his half-sister, Sophia as regent and his half-brother, Ivan as joint ruler. Ivan could not do anything but lift a finger. Ivan suffered serious physical and mental disabilities which left him unable to walk and be in need of constant medical care. Finally, Peter the Great gain his reign over Russia when he was 17 years old. The new Tsar brought prosperity, pride, honor, courage and change of modernization for his people, just as any monarch should. Peter the Great not only pleased his people but also exercised

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