Honest President: Abraham Lincoln Was Not A Successful President

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Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe People often believe that Lincoln was not a very useful president. In fact Lincoln was a very useful president, but in his own way. Lincoln saved America from becoming two different countries. Abraham was shot before he got to see his success of the Civil War. The problem is people did not get to know him. Abraham Lincoln united America by fighting the South. He showed America that if people stay strong. America stays strong. Lincoln left his legacy as Honest Abe. Lincoln was known for many things and many things happened because of him. Lincoln had four children Robert, William, Tad, and Edward . Abraham Lincoln’s sons could go into his office whenever they wanted to and Lincoln would not punish them. John Wilkes Booth death or burial was in a burning tobacco barn as punishment for shooting down the president of America (Compton’s 223).A big cause of Lincoln’s death was that he was…show more content…
Lincoln was 52 years old at his inauguration(ducksters). Lincoln barley got mad at his wife but after she spent to much money on the white house Lincoln had to ask for money. William Lincoln died of typhoid fever and this made Lincoln and his wife much more sad. Lincoln got into state legislature and this was a turning point in Lincoln's life(Pascal 17,18). Lincoln shot a wild turkey when he was seven and he learned that he hated killing things. Lincoln had a small amount of schooling and had various jobs including shopkeeper, surveyor, and postmaster(ducksters). On the day Lincoln was assassinated he had told his body that he dreamed about his assassination. Lincoln had some experience in law, he had been in the US Congress(ducksters). John Wilkes Booth crept into the presidential box with the broken door and shot Lincoln in the back of the head(Compton’s 223). As Lincoln came closer to becoming president the amount of death threats increased dramatically(Compton’s

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