Gift Of The Magi Character Comparison Essay

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Character Compare/Contrast The three stories had differences but also had similarities. For example in the story “The Gift of the Magi” the couple does not even get to use their gifts. In the necklace, Mathilde had to pay a lot more money than what Mrs Forestier's necklace was worth. “The story of an hour” Mrs Mallard realizes that her husband didn't die, and she dies instantly of a heart attack. They are all middle class and all of the women were married . As well as, they were all taking places in the 1900’s and most of the time the main characters were unhappy in some way. Della, Mathilde and Mrs. Mallard were all the main characters in the story. The story of “The Gift of the Magi”took place in Della’s house and also at the hair salon. Della’s reactions throughout the story were scared,worried, and happy. This story is indirect and flat because it doesn't say directly about the character. The story is about Della and her husband and they wanted to give gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Della only had $1.87 and that wasn't going to be good enough for the gift, “will you buy my hair? asked Della ;twenty dollars said mrs.sofronie, lifting the hair to feel…show more content…
The setting was at their house. Mrs. Mallard's reactions throughout the story were sad,happy,and free. Mrs Mallard's sister was the one who came to her house to tell her the news that Mrs Mallard's husband had died in a train accident. “Mrs Mallard went running to her room and made sure that no one was following her”. After a long time being there she realized that now she was free and didn't have to worry about her husband no more. Her sister brought her down the stairs as soon as she felt good. When they got down the stairs Mrs Mallard got shocked to see her husband coming in from the front door and instantly died of a heart attack “Joy that kills”.This is an internal conflict because at the end it creates a suspense when Mrs. Mallard

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