Basic Essay: Basic Criteria For Fishkeeping

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Basic Criteria for Fishkeeping Purchasing a new fish tank is exciting and fun. If you starting up and bringing home a fish for the kids, or even for your own aquarium, be sure to place your fish in it's new home pronto. Don't delay it's imperative to get your fish home or it may overheat to room temp and die. Make sure your aquarium is completely set up and ready to go before you place your fish in it's new home. It's not a good idea to plop your fish into the aquarium because it needs time to adjust to the temperature of the water. So I recommend placing the bag from the pet store into the aquarium and let it float so the fish can slowly adjust to the temperature of the water. This should take about 10-15 minutes. When you think it's good to go then you can take the fish out of the pet shop bag and let it swim around in its new aquarium. Don't forget to wash your hands when your finished. Setting up your new fish Aquarium Is your aquarium ready for your new fish? Make sure it is properly sized for the fish type you plan to place in the fish tank. Is your fish tank near a power outlet? You will need power for the filtration process and lighting for your fish. Try to keep your aquarium out of common household vulnerabilities, like direct sunlight. Your fish tank should have about 2-3…show more content…
Just a pinch will do! Feed your fish twice daily, and if you have little guppies then they need to be feed more. Feed your fish as much food as they will eat in a 5 minute period. If there are left over flakes, it's an indicator you need to cut back on the food. Fish are capable of adapting their diets around flake foods. Meat eaters need some protein fish like shrimp, worms etc. The plant eaters can be fed pellets, and some types of vegetables like zucchini and lettuce (romaine lettuce) Try not to mix it up too much you need to give your fish a little time to adjust to the new diet your are giving

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