Why French Parents Are Superior In One Way Summary

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In an article named, “Why French Parents Are Superior (in One Way)”, the author, Karen Le Billon, argues that “poor eating habits” is one of the causes of obesity in the USA. Le Billon also states that in France, children are less likely to become obese given that at a very early age the parents are teaching their children to eat healthy. In the article, she describes how in France when a commercial for snacks airs it has “a banner (much like cigarettes) warning that snacking between meals is bad for your health”. The children in France favor vegetables that American dislike. A major difference between American and French parents is they teach their children how to eat. Le Billon writes “French parents teach their children to eat like we teach our kids to read; with love, patience and firm persistence they expose their children to a wide variety of tastes”. As a parent, I should challenge my children to attempt new foods, to teach them how to eat healthy and to teach them to stop eating once they are not hungry anymore.…show more content…
He, in fact loves to eat zucchini, corn, green beans, broccoli and other vegetables. He will ask for them when I make dinner, something that surprises me every time. Next stop is for my son to start trying spicy foods something that is important to our culture. Le Billon says that the first foods that babies eat in France are vegetables instead of tasteless baby cereal. I remember giving my son baby cereal but once I started giving vegetables, he would not eat the baby cereal. She goes on to say that in schools, meals cannot be repeated within a month, so that children will be exposed to an assortment of foods. Some of these types of foods are “cauliflower casserole, baked

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