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Why is it great to be Canadian? Canada is one of the best countries to live in. This not only because Canada is in the top 10 of almost every list of the greatest places to live, but because citizens will tell you it is. The people who were born here, and have gotten the privilege and honour to be a part of such a wonderful community for all of their lives, truly know what a great country it is. Canada has countless things to be proud of, some of them being the safety it provides, the diversity it shares, and the beautiful scenery and landscapes it holds. Canada has many different aspects that make it a wonderful place to live in. Firstly, people love living in Canada because of the safety and protection it provides. With the exception of some cities, the crime rates…show more content…
In some other countries, walking at night, let alone walking alone at night, would be unheard of due to the large amounts of violence and crime amongst the citizens. Canada also has a very good police force and they provide as much safety and protection as they can for their citizens. Secondly, Canada is a very diverse and multicultural country, never denying anyone into or to be a part of it, unless the safety of the citizens or the country as a whole could be at risk. Canada takes pride in diversity, and rather than forcing people to disregard their differences or cultural backgrounds, they promote embracing them. Canada also welcomes everyone no matter their sexual orientation, it was the third country to legalize same sex marriage in 2005. Lastly, Canadians love their country because of the natural and beautiful landmarks and scenery there is. Niagara Falls, in Ontario, is one of the

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