Compare And Contrast Tang And Song Dynasty

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Both the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty can be considered golden ages due many developments they had as a society. In some ways these two society helped woman develop rights but also hurt them in others. In ancient china many different styles came about from different dynasties. During the many dynasties, “A girl’s feet were tightly wrapped until all the toes, except the big toe, were bent under the arch. This triangle-shaped “lily-foot,” about half the size of a normal foot, crippled women for life”(Song Dynasty). This style that was once considered fashionable did cripple many woman and was considered beautiful even though it actually hurt the women. The photo to the right shows the damage that foot binding did and how it deformed the foot entirely.…show more content…
This process deformed their feet so badly that they could not walk on their own. Most women needed canes to walk or had to rely on men to support them. Women did this to their feet because it was beautiful. When girls would get married, “small bound feet gave girls a better chance in making a good marriage and getting a higher bride price”(Perkins). Women that had regular sized feet usually would not get married because they had ‘ugly’ feet. It was desirable to have small feet by men at this time. Another thought about foot binding was that if “women with bound feet could not run away from an unhappy marriage.”(Perkins). This made a woman have to rely on men because they were crippled fro the rest of their life. Woman during many different societies of china women, “were generally considered property, either of their fathers or husbands” (Roberts). This shows that women of lower classes were under the men in society. Women were not allowed to take certain exams that would help them get government jobs (Roberts). This meant that they did work either on the fields or just took care of the family at home. Women were not seen as equal to men in the china at this

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