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Susan-Lori Parks! An a african-american screenwriter and playwright. She is one of many writer that started the new wave that wants to overcome what she calls “the play-as-wrapping-paper-version-of-hot-newspaper-headline.”She broke through social and cultural boundaries and went up the social ladder from having her written works produced from small theatre’s to Broadway. Susan- Lori Parks was the first woman of color to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama for her play “Topdog / Underdog”. Susan-Lori Parks’s undeniable faith is her main driving force. Even though she grew up as an outsider (a foreigner) but her talent for short fiction stories rose her teacher’s interest. James Baldwin convinced her to become a screenwriter. Furthermore, Parks wants to “converse with history to…show more content…
Parks talks about the struggle that afro-american people had to live through. It is clearly defined that Parks has a clear picture of the message she intends to deliver towards the future generations through her screenwriting. Susan-Lori Parks is known to be an inspirational screenwriter but also a inspirational speaker. In one of her interviews she says that one should believe in “making use of what you’ve got, even if all you’ve got is a belief in yourself.” This makes us see the reasons she writes. The main reason is that she loves to share it with her audience. She see how much she loves it when she says in the interview in The New Yorker magazine “I love my lecture tours. I get up onstage… No podium, no distance between me and the audience… read from my work and remind people how powerful they are and how beautiful they are.” Her way of expressing her thoughts and dreams to the world is through the pages she writes. The importance in the cause and effect of Susan-Lori Park’s writing comes down to a simple notion. She somewhat wanted to depict her own biography in her works, about her family and

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