Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grocery Stores

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If you live in a rural community, you understand that our grocery store is one of the most vital businesses in town. A grocery store means more than just access to healthy food. Rural grocery stores provide jobs and generate tax revenue. Without a local grocery store, that revenue goes to other towns. A local grocery store also helps attract new residents to a town, makes a community a more attractive place to live, and gives the elderly a reliable place to shop. Almost every single store in a small town is locally owned and operated. These stores are either being bought by different members of the community or passed down from generation to generation and have been long standing and even considered part of the community itself. These stores…show more content…
The first option is ordering the same name brand of products and splitting them among the businesses. This would mean the stores get the items in bulk and receive a discount on the products. This way the stores do not have to raise the cost of the item. The next option kind of works the same, owners could decrease costs by sharing the minimum order amount. When the distributors set a minimum order amount, the stores would order the products they need but not have to keep the entire amount of goods. Splitting up the products would allow less goods to go out of date and would keep the store from getting penalized for not ordering the right…show more content…
Many stores will buy from large distributors and have the products shipped by truck delivery to their stores, but if they were to get their products locally as they could it would drop the price of the local groceries while boosting the economy of the town. Locals in rural towns often are related to the farming and ranching part of rural life so if store owners were to buy goods from them rather than the opposing side it would decrease the price of the good going to the store. The local products would be cheaper to buy because they wouldn't have to pay for the shipping fees from the distributing company and the food would also be

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